Ski Touring: Col du Tépey east face from Valmaure; Belledonne; French Alps - 2,716 m. (8,911 ft)

Sat, 3 February 2007


Minimum altitude: 1,200 meters

Distance: 15 km

Slope Aspect: East

Vertical Climbed: 1,510 meters (4,954 feet)

Vertical Descended: 1,510 meters

Rating: 2.2

Avalanche Risk: 2

Snowline: 1,300



From the hamlet of Valmaure follow the GR to the hamlet of Le Tépey, continue along the torrent to the Pierre de Barme at 1765m. You can climb around the Roche Boucherin by the South (be careful not to continue to the Sambuis), turn to the right after the Roche Boucherin via a warm south facing slope, at 2450m continue on the north east slopes to the left leading to the col; alternatively pass the Roche Boucherin to the north and climb a nice shadey slope, often in good snow, leading to 2450m just below the final slope for the col.

Trip Report

Difficult to choose a route at the moment and well it was finally a good plan! Not too much portage (100m uphill, barely 200m downhill), we took the option of following the Passon torrent like the start of Puy Gris and then turn left to pass behind the Roche Boucherin, in the shade, same plan on the descent and we still found beautiful passages of powder by staying along the rocks to reach the bottom of the valley under the Sambuis, good skiing overall iand t was not the crowded, about fifteen people at Tepey, the others on the Puy gris a group made the crossing coming from the Brabant passage, be careful it's all ice, their dog almost broke his neck while when he slid down half of the slope to the rocks of the west valley of the Tepey, the Rocher Blanc sparkles with ice..! - Anny

With: Anny, Guy, Bernard, Bernardette


Changable snow, still quite cold alternating brittle, powder and patches of ice on the way up. The Brabant to the south of the Tepey was icy and needed couteaux.


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