Cross Skating: X Skate - On Hengistbury Head - 39 m. (128 ft)

Thu, 14 July 2022


Minimum altitude: 3 meters

Distance: 13.6 km

Slope Aspect: South

Vertical Climbed: 49 meters (161 feet)

Vertical Descended: 43 meters


Cross skate down the promenade from Bournemouth to Hengistbury head. I didn't ski all the way to the head on the track due to lack of time and it was getting hot by 8am, next time. Quite a lot of runners and a few kids commuting to school. Climbed via the east Cliff which is 400 meters long at 6.7%, this took about 3m36.


Promenade is a bit rough. Quite a bit of windblown sand in places. I wonder what the cleaning schedule is? Road surface is hard at 7am and the points skid in places.


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