Posted on: 2024-04-25 14:33:58 by davidof

Avalanche fatality on Mont Blanc

A group of three French skier tourers have been caught by an avalanche in the North East Couloir of the Aiguille de Tricot (3 665 m), above the Bionnassay glacier in the Mont Blanc range. The alert was given at 9h30. A 32 year old man, named as Simon Noguère, was killed in the slide. Another member of the group received minor injuries.

Simon Noguère skiing in Iran in 2019

Mr Noguère, well known locally, was originally from the Pyrenees but worked in product development for Decathlon in Sallanches. He competed in the Freeride World Tour in 2022. The avalanche risk was moderate (2/5) but warned of small (size 2 at altitude) soft slabs at altitude. The slabs had formed due to the 20cm or so of fresh snow under the influence of the north then west wind on Wednesday.

Couloir NE Tricot (credit