Posted on: 2021-01-21 21:59:12 by davidof

BeLiight launches featherweight pin binding

A Haute-Savoyard startup based in the Arve valley and run by a young engineer and skimo competitor, has launched one of the lightest Pin bindings on the market at just 80 grammes per ski.

The binding isn't just a simple copy of the existing Tech bindings but has rethought key aspects. The toe piece, constructed from CNC 7075 aluminum, has got rid of the traditional two pivot pincer, replacing it with just a single moveable pin. Ingenious. The toe piece is locked using a cable linked to a lever. The heel piece uses pins in a vertical  L shape rather than the traditional horizontal U to save weight. Release is adjustable. The binding conforms to ISMF standards for skimo racing. If you wish you can add a brake (which will soon be mandatory for competition) at the cost of 15 grams per foot. The binding will be available next season for 499€