Ski Touring: April Fools dôme des Oudis - 2,086 m. (6,844 ft)

Mon, 1 April 2024


Minimum altitude: 1,566 meters

Distance: 5.8 km

Slope Aspect: North-West

Vertical Climbed: 520 meters (1,706 feet)

Vertical Descended: 533 meters

Rating: 2.1

Avalanche Risk: 3

Snowline: 1,300


Le 7 Laux ski resort closed on March 29th due to storm Nelson. Lord Nelson? The perfidious Albion has struck again, ruining the locals' plans for skiing. What was to be done? Today, things calmed down and I've decided to climb the Dôme des Oudis on my touring skis. It's my first ski tour of the season, after 2 and a half months of convalescence! Better late than never. There was snow on the road from 1300m. Fortunately, I hadn't followed the laws and removed my snow tires on March 31.

When I arrived at the car park people were sitting in their cars waiting for the storm to pass. No time to wait. Hop hop hop. It was sleeting at this level, snowing from around 1700m. Fortunately, there were already tracks. After 5 minutes, a quick change to remove some clothes as it wasn't that cold. Halfway up the Mataru, I caught up with the morning tracers and took over the work for the next pitch, relieved by a gentleman who was going directly up the slope, thankfully not so steep at this point. At the Dôme, there was an amusing Czech lady who loved uphill but not downhill skiing. Perhaps a new sport? Heliskirando? The clouds cleared a little and the descent was made on 10cm of fresh snow on a hard base. Excellent, well almost a little heavy in places but still, not bad for an April fool's day.


Weather/temperatures: 2C at parking
Access conditions/car park altitude: white roads from 1300m
Ski conditions : 5-10cm of fresh snow


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