Road Cycling: La Combe de Lancey, Gresivaudan, Alps France - 816 m. (2,677 ft)

Fri, 23 September 2016


Minimum altitude: 217 meters

Distance: 27.8 km

Slope Aspect: North-West

Trip Reports

Vertical Climbed: 756 meters (2,480 feet)

Vertical Descended: 757 meters

Rating: 3


The climb of the Combe de Lancey begins at Lancey via a long drag past the old paper mills. These factories sprang up along the valley due to the abundance of hydroelectric power in the 19th century and the villages benefited from electricity and street lighting. The first part of the climb, to the left turn to St Mury, is around 10%.

The road then flattens to a more reasonable 8% passing through the village of la Chapelle where there is an attractive church. A few hundred meters after the church there is a wide left hand bend. Here you can take a small, shaded road to the right which climbs to the hamlet of Mas Lary with a decent back to revel via St Jean le Vieux. Otherwise continue on the road to le Mas Julien, here you can continue climbing to the south east through the combe de Lancey to the Pre du Fourneau. You can continue to the Col du Pre Long via an gravel road, this is okay on a road bike. The climb to the Pre du Fourneau is very steep in places, a x32 rear sprocket is welcome.

Before reaching le Mas Julien there is a left hand turn to "le Mont", this takes you past an interesting house with a Foly in the garden. You join the balcony road where you can descend via St Mury and Ste Agnes to the valley at Brignoud or at St Mury double back vie le Mas Vieux to Lancey.

Trip Report

Lunch ride, descent via St Jean le Vieux but it was quite a climb from le Mas Julien on the D280.



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