Posted on: 2019-01-27 21:43:52 by davidof

Avalanche alert for the central and eastern Pyrenees

Meteo France has issued an orange avalanche alert for the Eastern and Central Pyrenees where up to a meter to 1.5 meters of fresh snow is expected over the next 24 hours accompanied by strong winds from the North West. They warn that a single skier can potentially trigger an avalanche even on quite moderate slopes as the fresh snow will fall on an existing weak layer. The new snowfall follows a meter of snow in the region last week.

The two Savoies and eastern parts of the Isere will also see a period of HIGH avalanche risk with around half a meter of fresh snow accompanied by winds from the South-West then North-West to North. The new snow will fall on a weak layer of angular grains which Meteo France warns are "a perfect recipe for numerous weak snow slabs on various slope aspects, even at quite low altitudes. Backcountry travelers should take particular care".