Road Cycling: Two cats and a lake (Relais du Mont du Chat, Jura South, France) - 1,491 m. (4,892 ft)

Tue, 1 July 2014


Minimum altitude: 229 meters

Distance: 80 km

Slope Aspect: East

Vertical Climbed: 2,668 meters (8,754 feet)

Vertical Descended: 2,668 meters

Rating: 5


The Relais du Mont du Chat is 1266 meters of climbing at just under 10%. There are a few ramps of 12% and sections of 11%. It is consistently hard, without ever being too extreme but it is long. The road starts from  Bourget du Lac, just north of Chambery. It is cut directly into the east face with 12 hair pins and long straights. You'd think they would have made it a bit less steep but no! Luckily with its forest cover and east aspect it is largely shaded in the afternoon. It is rates as one of the top 25 hardest climbs in France

After the Relais I rode down the west side to climb the Col du Chat then cycle round the lake. On the west side you rarely see the lake, it is hidden by a ridge but on the east side you ride along the banks and it is quite pleasant but busy road with a little sting to get over a lump at Brison.

I cross an ESF instructor on the climb. He was training for an event during the Tour de France. He thought he'd climbed faster than me despite me passing him at Bourget and finishing 15 minutes in front - such was his state of tiredness.


Very warm but started quite early


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