Road Cycling: Postdiluvian Mont d'Or - 529 m. (1,736 ft)

Sun, 17 December 2023


Minimum altitude: 170 meters

Distance: 29.6 km

Slope Aspect: Various

Vertical Climbed: 519 meters (1,703 feet)

Vertical Descended: 519 meters

Rating: 3


A ride after the flooding this week. I decided to take the direct route over the top of Calluire et Cuire then descend down to Fontaines sur Saone. From there I picked up the route du Genie from Couzon, very steep at first but a nice ride up to the Col du Mont Thou where you can mash the big gears a bit on a 3-4% grade. 26 minutes for the climb with a VAM of 721. Good to keep warm. Then a fast descent back into Lyon, about 10 minutes from the col to the river.


Dry but chilly. 2C for most of the ride. Descent was a bit cold.


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