Road Cycling: First snows of autumn - 957 m. (3,140 ft)

Sun, 19 September 2021


Minimum altitude: 194 meters

Distance: 27.2 km

Slope Aspect: North-West

Vertical Climbed: 820 meters (2,690 feet)

Vertical Descended: 815 meters

Rating: 3


It had rained all day but the weather said sun from 4pm, it started drying out at 3pm so I gave it an hour or so for the roads to be good. Tackled the climb by the more interesting top road, don't know why I didn't do this before. Overall it is some 10.5km over 750m, giving some 7% average but there are some nasty little digs of 11% here and there. Climb took me 54 minutes for a VAM of around 820m/h. Happy with that.

Ride down was blocked by a car that overtook then fannied around on every corner.


Wet roads with leaves in the shade, drying nicely in the lazy end of summer sun on exposed roads. 8C at the summit, snow had fallen over 2600m altitude.


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