Nordic Skiing: Skating to the Crêt Luisard - 1,720 m. (5,643 ft)

Sun, 30 December 2018


Minimum altitude: 1,420 meters

Distance: 13.8 km

Slope Aspect: North-West

Vertical Climbed: 470 meters (1,542 feet)

Vertical Descended: 470 meters


I knew there was a lack of snow. All the lower runs are shut. The skating was pretty good. A lot of people on foot, some stomping on the ski runs, doh! Not too many other skiers. Great views of the Alps although the black run with the best views was closed and icy looking.


Skiable snow starts 150 meters from the Ski de Fond hut at Barioz. The pistes are in good condition apart from some wind blow leaves and twigs. No problem on the descent. There is then a break of 30 meters after the second hairpin (left hand bend). You need to remove skis here, at least climbing. One or two spots of thing snow but the rest is skiable. Only the Boucle and Crêt Luisard are open. Both are a bit technical: narrow, with ruts but the skiing is ok.

Weather: sunny, strong wind from the North-East, the climb was sheltered


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