Roller Skiing: Col de Pré Long, Belledonne, France - 1,159 m. (3,803 ft)

Sat, 15 July 2023


Minimum altitude: 740 meters

Distance: 10.3 km

Slope Aspect: North

Vertical Climbed: 446 meters (1,463 feet)

Vertical Descended: 443 meters


I'd cycled down from the col de Pré Long last weekend and the road surface looked ok so I decided to ski if it could be rollerskied. I parked at St Mury. The climb to the church is pretty stiff and on chip and seal but afterwards there is 4km that is not too bad at around 8-10% but the final km is more like 13% and too steep for me. A lot of cars for early on a Saturday morning and the road isn't very wide so double pushing to let them past.

I found an unmarked trail back down but missed a cut through to the village at the bottom which would have saved a bit more walking.


Warm 28C. Road in good condition, a bit granular in the village. The end final 700m at 13% is too steep on rollerskis, at least for me, I may try on classic skis.


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