Road Cycling: Montebuglio - 1,265 m. (4,150 ft)

Thu, 16 July 2020


Minimum altitude: 223 meters

Distance: 39.3 km

Slope Aspect: South-East

Vertical Climbed: 1,167 meters (3,829 feet)

Vertical Descended: 1,172 meters

Rating: 5


Seriously, I'd vowed not to come back after last year but here I was, struggling up the first killer wall out of Monte Buglio cheered on by the usual assortment of deranged Italian cani. The final two bends out of the village, at around 20%, almost persuaded to to make a U turn. But then things settle down to merely painful and I was able to better master the ramps applying power where necessary, recovering elsewhere. I was almost surprised to reach the last couple of hairpins at a mere 10% slope and wondered if it was some trick and there would be a final sting. 7 seconds quicker than last year at 46m14. I continued to Monte Zuccaro, pushing on a bit further than last time. 945 meters of climbing in 1h11m37s, this time 6 seconds slower than 2019.


Not too warm, pleasant at the summit. Wet on parts of the climb causing wheelspins. Road seemed to be resurfaced around the Alpe Rusa village.


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