Running: Lunch trot - 177 m. (581 ft)

Sun, 12 March 2023


Minimum altitude: 172 meters

Distance: 6.2 km

Slope Aspect: Various

Vertical Climbed: 18 meters (59 feet)

Vertical Descended: 17 meters


New career as a runner! No seriously am doing a bit of running for training for next ski season already. 3rd run of the week and have improved time down to 22m31 or a pace of 5m53 for the tour of the park. I've found a small detour by the glasshouses/zoo which is a singletrail. Actually I thought one of the women runners was sneaking into the bushes for a sneaky pee but it actually turned out she was following an interesting detour. Men's record is 11m21 for the tour, puts everything into perspective. I'm thinking of sub 21 minutes myself.


Damp from overnight rain. Warm.


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