Posted on: 2018-02-14 21:22:55 by davidof

Dynafit turns binding pin-binding standard on its head

Dynafit have premiered a new pin binding standard at the 2018 ISPO exhibition in Munich. The new binding is said to be the lightest on the market and has picked up a ISPO Gold Award. It will not be compatible with existing PinTech boots. It weighs just 49 grammes (per binding) and is said to speed transition between skiing and skinning.

Instead of having lugs a solid bar passes through the toe of the ski boot to expose two pins which engage in lugs in the toe piece. The toe piece is similar to the Gignoux binding using the elasticity of the metal to let the boot click into place. The boot can be released by pressing a couple of lugs either side of the toe which in turn press on the boot lugs. There is no indication about DIN but it will be a non adjustable system like other super lightweight bindings.

At the rear a wing engages in the heel, release is side to side. It looks like it could be prone to movement left and right. It should be noted this is a specialized SkiMo binding, not something most ski tourers will use.

It remains to be seen if the lugs will be susceptible to wear when walking or climbing and whether the toe will suffer from icing issues.