Posted on: 2017-11-29 09:29:48 by davidof

Pyrenean local authorities warn of avalanche risk

The local authorities and mountain rescue in the Hautes Pyrénées department have asked back-country travellers to be careful if they venture into the mountains. This follows an avalanche accident on Sunday (26/11). The authorities expect the risk to increase over the coming days due to fresh snow and winds. Many of the areas ski resorts will open this weekend.

On Sunday, around the start of the afternoon, a ski tourer suffered multiple injuries after getting caught by an avalanche on the north side of the Pic de Piau (2450m.) near the ski resort of Piau Engaly. The avalanche was triggered accidentally by his two companions. The mountain rescue reminds skiers and snowshoers that "the wind over the last days couple with negative temperatures can form weak layers in the snow pack with are the cause of unstable snow slabs".