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The ski resort of Seythenex is situated in the Bauges area of the Savoie department in the Northern Alps region. The lift served area extends from 1150 metres to 1850 metres. There are 4 lifts giving access to 12 km of lift served runs. In addition the area has 30 km of cross country trails.


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Off Piste Routes

Seythenenex is like the Sainte-Foy en Tarentaise of the Bauges. A micro-station with one big chair lift and a few small drags serving a whole domain of off-piste. No wonder it is a favourite with riders from the surrounding areas. The chair lift takes you from 1140 to 1820 meters and is entirely within the forest, great in poor conditions. Climbing to the north facing back bowl at 2200 meters gives the possibility of untracked powder, even days after the last snow with slopes as steep as 40 degrees.

The view is magnificent over the Lac d'Annecy and Mt Blanc and towards the Vanoise. With a season pass for less than 100 Euros it has to be some of the best value in the Alpes.

The Bowl / La Combe

Visible from the top of the chair you have a choice of a number of descents including The Triangle, la Bouchasse and the Col de la Petite Sambuy. This last route can be combined into a long tour of 860 meters climbing and 1540 of descent.

L' Avalanche

This is the station's out-of-bounds skiing. From the chair turn right and cross under the rope where the forest piste begins to descend. Go straight ahead, 100 meters further there is a small clearing that is at the start of the run. You can, of course, climb to the col de la petite Sambuy to get more vertical.

La Milesi

From the top of the chair go towards the left in the direction 'chalet des boeufs'. At the chalet don't follow the piste but continue straight ahead. Afterwards climb a bit to the left. An opening in the forest allows you to descend. You should arrive on the piste de Bouefs to rejoin the station. There are many variants, but be careful of the many rock outcrops and cliffs in the forest.

Le l'Ô de Seythenex

It should be noted that this off-piste should only be done with people who know the area well. From the chair climb to the col de la petite Sambuy (30 minutes on foot). Once there descend into the small couloir in front of you, a few dozen meters below the couloir widens. The slope is initially around 40-45 degrees leveling out to 35 degrees. Keep to the right, there is a small double cliff waiting for you otherwise! Return by the forest track, this is often covered with the frequent deposits from the couloirs above, watch out!


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Useful Information

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