Peyragudes Couloirs Des Flammes

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Oriented towards the west the many Couloirs des Flammes offer about 400 meters of descent. From the high speed Privilège chair you can either turn right to follow a long, even descent to the right of the chair. Otherwise turn left, there is a three rope fence for around 100 meters then a single rope, cross under this. Depending on the snow (often spring in the afternoon due to the orientation) there are a number of variations.

Les Couloirs des Flammes

Ian in the flaming couloirs

In the afternoon sun releases death cookies and watch out for rocks, especially in early season powder. Talking of which, powder can usually still be found late in the day. Above is the high-speed-six chair so skiing is in full view of the chic Toulousaines who favour this station. You can continue down to the right of the Cabanou chair. There is rope here just above a saddle, you can continue under the rope to ski to the bottom of the Privilège chair. Be careful as this traverses a number of pistes.

Freestyle Flambé, Couloirs des Flammes

Freestyle Flambé

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