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The ski resort of Lelex - Crozet is situated in the Ain department in the Jura region. It is part of the Monts-Jura ski domain. The lift served area extends from 640 metres to 1650 metres. There are 50 km of lift served runs. There are 140 km of cross country trails. The resort features a snowpark.


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Off Piste Routes

Le Reculet

I was due in Cham for the weekend for a French Snow and Avalanche course but figured I could do a little ski tour on the way. I'd originally wanted to stop in the Aravis again but the high winds, snow, rain and whatever persuaded me this was a bad choice. So just before Geneva I took a left turn into the French Jura mountains. This is a long spine of low peaks rising to around 1700 metes (5,600 feet)

My new target was Le Reculet, this 1717 meter peak situated on a long ridge is the second summit of the Jura. Cartographers have argued about the high point of the range for some time but recent work with special GPS units has confirmed the primacy of the Crêt de la Neige.

Peaks of the Jura looking west

Jura looking westwards

My original choice of route, a west face, involved some 250 meters of 'portage'. Climbing with skis on my rucksack so I tried a different tack, a north west route through the forest close to the ski resort of Lelex. This slope seemed to have held its snow well. I climbed with skis from the parking at 880 meters and pretty soon was deep in fresh, but heavy snow. Higher up, the path vanished beneath this mantle of snow and I was left to zig-zag up between the trees.

Exiting the forest I realised just how severe the wind was, probably some 80km/h which was blowing snow around and at some point threatening to knock me off my feet. The summit was just too windy to take any photos, you can see the snow moving around in this picture.

Then I traversed across the ridge to attack the descent by the most direct route possible. I'd spotted that the trees were very sparse over a long corridor... probably the result of a large avalanche... maybe during the severe winter of 1970?

Le Reculet

Reculet Powder

This offered quite pleasant skiing until 1350 meters where the slope steepened and narrowed before leading onto a small rock band. I took a look, there was about 20 meters of 55 degree slope with some snow and vegetation but it didn't look feasible to go this way. I climbed up and took a detour to reach the rock band at its foot.

The last few meters involved battling through a dense thicket that had grown up which was the least pleasant part of the route.

Le Reculet Map

Reculet and Crêt de la Neige Map


Nearest Airport: Geneva Cointrin 15km (20 minutes)


Rail: Bellegard TGV



La Dépendance

Hire your own independant property - recently renovated to a high standard. Situated just 15 minutes from the ski areas of Crozet and Lelex. Mijoux, La Col de la Faucille and the Alps all within easy access. Friendly owners and friendly prices. Book now for winter 2008!


Bois Joly

Nice hotel restaurant by the Crozet lift. Rooms are very good value.


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