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Norbert Joos, in case you were wondering is a Swiss high-mountain climber who runs an climbing shop in Chur. On paper the Norbert Joos seems to have everything going for it. Light weight, less than 2,400 grammes at 170cm length, an energy storing 3D structure to help initiate and finish turns plus special customized climbing skins from Coll-Tex?. The structure is a special lightweight wood core with a plastic end cap on the spatula to protect that part of the ski.

Mountain Norbert Joos

The German manufacturer Völkl has a reputation for building robust, quality products. However the 2004/2005 Norbert Joos skis have proven to be fragile and should be treated with care. A shock such as an impact with a rock, can cause the structure to delaminate and the edges and base are somewhat delicate. Problems have also been reported with the edges coming away after only a short amount of use. On the plus side Völkl have apparently been pretty good in after sales service. In short, an excellent, lightweight touring ski but for good snow conditions.

  • Sizes available: 156, 163, 170, 177, 184
  • Dimensions: 105-70-92 in 170+ lengths
  • Manufacturer: Völkl

Street Price: 300 Euros, Skins: 135 Euros

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