Naxo Nx02

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Aimed at the ski touring market this is essentially an updated version of the nx01 which was prone to breakages. It features an improved damping unit, pivot mechanism and heel unit. The binding comes in 3 sizes for different boot lenghts and has a maximum DIN 10 release tension.


Naxo nx02

The nx02 is built using a mix of Delrin POM, HI fiberglass-reinforced plastic and 7075-T6 aluminum. Weight has clearly been a priority and is claimed at 1800 grammes per pair including brakes which is good for the market segment. Length and release adjustment can be done on the go without need for tools. Designed for all mountain skis wide 94mm and 105mm brakes are available as are 90 and 100 mm ski cramons. The binding can be locked into ski mode so there is no risk of changing into tour mode while descending which can strain the toe unit as well as causing accidents. The binding comes with a 2 year limited warranty and is Swiss made by Naxo AG.

Manufacturer: Naxo

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