K2 Backlite

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K2 Backlite

What K2 Says

A lightweight mountaineering ski with an aggressive sidecut for more variable and firmer snow conditions, 118 tip for flotation in the powder and numerous features ensures itÂ’s the ideal touring tool. Tip and tail attachment holes and a flat tail with a notch for the skin. Stacked with all the features you need to go out there and ski it up!

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Technical Details

Construction: Torsion Box Cap. Core: Aspen/Paulownia. Tip and Tail Attachment Holes, Flat/Notched Tail, Triaxial Braiding

  • Reference length: 167 cm
  • Sidecut 118/74/103 mm
  • Radius: m
  • Weight: 2700 grammes
  • Lengths: 153, 160, 167, 174 cms
  • Price: €
  • Manufacturer: K2?

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