Dynafit TLT Vertical Race Ti

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The Dynafit TLT Race Ti binding has been slightly modified for the 2006/7 season. The heel piece gets a slight rise for the neutral position and half step giving three different heel rises. Dynafit's pro team carried out a lot of experiments with step lengths and frequencies and they claim that the half step can improve step length by 5cm giving a 300m flat lead over 1000 meters of climbing all things being equal.

dynafit tlt vertical race
Dynafit TLT Vertical Race

The TLT Race TI is built from Titanium and TitanalĀ®, a high strength aluminum alloy as well as stainless steel and composite parts. It weighs 15 g more than the Race Ti.

  • Manufacturer: Dynafit
  • 529.00 EUR (MRP)

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