Dynafit TLT Race Ti

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The Dynafit Race Ti shaves 100 grams off the alreadly lightweight Dynafit TLT Speed binding. In doing so it picked up the 2005 European Ski Award at the IPSO winter sports show. Racers have been modifying the TLT binding - removing the heel riser, drilling holes, replacing steel screws with titanium and other parts with aluminium. The Dynafit Race Ti saves them the trouble, at a price. The TLT Race TI is built from Titanium and TitanalĀ®, a high strength aluminum alloy.

Dynafit have managed to shave 30% off the weight of the Tourlite Tech bringing the weight of a single binding down to an astonishing 235 grams. The street price is around 425 euros that is about 1 Euro for every gram saved!

Manufacturer: Dynafit

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