Atomic Slim Daddy

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Entry level of the Atomic “Float” range of skis designed to work well in powder as well as in other snow conditions. If the Atomic Big Daddy is Britney Spears then the Slim Daddy is the Kate Moss of the range with a narrow 76mm waist. It is aimed at skiers taking their first steps off-piste and who will still be spending time on prepared ski runs. The slim profile makes it a great choice for ski touring and the relatively large shovel helps with turn initiation in deep snow conditions. It gets an updated topsheet for 2008 which we prefer to the told blue/white design.

atomic slim daddy ski

It shares the usual Beta profile with other skis in the float range. Beta profiles are two hollow tubes that give the skis torsional rigidity for grip while remaining lightweight.

  • Manufacturer Atomic
  • Lengths: 159 167 175 183 cm
  • Weight: 2860g in 159cm (manufacturer's figures)
  • 349 euro

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