Dynastar Altitrail Powder build problems

Billed as a revolution for ski touring. A mid-fat freeride ski weighing just 2.7kg the Dynastar Altitrail Powder seemed like the answer to our dreams. At 80mm underfoot it could handle powder and difficult snow while climbing like a racer. 

Then the reports of broken skis started coming in. First it was the free-ride crowd. We put it down to youngsters hucking cliffs, something outside the comfort zone of the lightweight construction. By mid season it was the regular ski tourers. Cecile Eichinger posted some worrying photos on her blog of her skis after just 10 tours. The lettering had begun to drop out of the base and the edges had started to break away from the core of the ski. We know someone who had a serious accident last year after losing an edge (on another brand of skis) so this is extremely worrying for steep skiers.

Investigations by PisteHors.com have revealed that there is a problem in the production of the first series of the Altitrail Powder. Dynastar have not issued a recall but are aware of the issue and are happy to exchange any faulty skis. If you bought your skis at the end of last season or early this year then it is worth checking the edges and the tail and spatula for problems. If in doubt contact your dealer. You may have only done a week’s skiing this season, in which case the problem may not yet be apparent. Dynastar should be starting production of the 2009/10 skis this month (production is currently stopped at the Sallanches factory) so now is the time to deal with any issues.

Broken Dynastar Powder Photos

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Not sure it’s just the Altitrails - another seasonaire had a brand new pair of contact 4x4s for some 800 euro with bindings at the start of this season. After about 4 weeks the top sheet delaminated and he took them back. Got a replacement pair and then had a similar problem on the next set. Oh and he was an instructor back home in NZ, so it’s not like he’d abuse them

Posted by greg on Wednesday, 20 May, 2009 at 11:45 PM


Posted by: A Walker
URL: http://www.nevachalet.com/
Location: Hautes Alpes

I had a similar problem with my Altitrail Powders - bought in Feb from Sport Conrad in Germany: after one week’s skitouring in very good snow conditions the some of the base logo came out, the top sheet came away from the sole in the underfoot area(it was possible to fully insert a penknife blade between the layers) and the tip began to peel,all exactly as in Cecile’s photos.A shame, as otherwise I loved the skis Contacted the factory direct, as having to send them back to Germany etc would have been a nuisance; they were perfectly charming and helpful and we dropped them off at Sallanches in person, with assurances of a new pair sent to me as soon as they are produced.Hope the problems at Dynastar won’t affect this promise…

Posted by davidof on Wednesday, 20 May, 2009 at 09:29 PM

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