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From Perquelin (970m) follow a forest trail to the east. After crossing the Guiers river continue on the main trail towards the cabane de Bellefont (north-east). After about a km of climbing turn due south on a horizontal trail. You cross the Prayet trail then the path that leads to the source de Guiers. Just before this climb east through a thin forest to reach the base of some small cliffs. Follow the base of cliffs to the right (south), you should find a point where you can climb without too much trouble. In the combe the first 100 meters are encumbered by brushwood but you can climb and descend by an avalanche couloir (depending on the conditions). When you reach the cliffs turn south-east, after about 150 meters you reach more open ground follow the cliffs up and eastwards. You keep the cliffs close to the left for most of the climb but exit via the middle of the bowl. About 100 meters higher up you cross the GR trail on a flattish plateau. You can follow this to the south to climb to the summit of the Dent de Crolles. Otherwise carry dead ahead towards the Rocher Pointu (direction cheminée du paradis - fantastic but airy view of the Gresivaudan valley and the Belledonne) and a pleasant bowl bordered by yellowish cliffs before turning south-east to climb to the Rochers du Midi (small cliffs).

Combe e des sourcesdu Guiers


Park just after the last hairpin before the col du Coq (1360m). Follow the GR path towards the col des Ayes then climb the south-west face of the col du Coq to the base of the cliffs. Follow a path to the east (red crosses) to the Pas de l'Oeil. Crampons are recommended for the Pas as it is steep and exposed and often icy. On the summit plateau the Dent de Crolles is on the right (east). Ski to the north-west to reach the combe du Guiers (small cliffs).

Valley below the Rocher Pointu
Mountain RangeChartreuse
SummitRochers du Midi
OrientationNorth-west to west for the descents
Starting Altitude980m
Vertical1650 m
MapsIGN n°3334 OT Chartreuse Sud
GPS Waypoint 
GPS RouteGoogle-Earth:
Grade[1]Danger: 2, Climb: PD+, Ski: 3.1
Comments35° sur 100m, not as steep as the nearby Prayet and easier to ski
Road Access 
RefugesCabane de Bellefont?

Trip Reports

9th March 2008

I parked at the col du Coq (it is an hour to drive to le Perquellin from home) and climbed via the Pas d'Oeil and the summit of the Dent de Crolles. The Pas d'Oeil and face were frozen and crampons were not a luxury given the exposure of this route. I wouldn't risk a descent in these conditions. The face of the Dent de Crolles is not skiable. There was a very strong wind from the south-east at the summit. There was powder snow from 1900 meters. I skied towards the north-west to pick up the GR trail which I had to follow to below the Pointe de Midi. From here it was a question of skiing west into the combe to find the entry point then keeping the cliffs close to my right. The brushwood (Arcosses) begin at 1500 m but the avalanche corridor is skiable however you will need 25 meters of 8mm rope to clear a small cliff. There is a small pine tree for the belay. This may be skiable if there is a lot of snow.

Towards the Dent des Crolles

Afterwards the forest is very skiable just to the Guiers trail. To get back to the col des Ayes you can either follow the track down to le Perquellin (the forest is dense and not very skiable) or follow the track to the south passed the sources de Guiers, cross over point 1310 meters to reach the Ayes path at around 1200 meters. The Chemin des Ayes didn't have much snow cover below 1200 meters. The Dome de Pravouta was skiable by the north-east face but the south-east face was bare. The Bec Charvet was also skiable but with an avalanche deposit in the middle of the face. The snow seemed generally stable.

  • Weather : Very windy, sun obscured by thin cloud, fairly warm
  • Avalanche Risk: Moderate (2/5)
  • Participants: David
  • Snow level: 980 m

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