Avalanche Avoidance

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  1. Reading the Avalanche Bulletin
  2. Understanding the Avalanche Bulletin
  3. Avalanche Start Zones
  4. Crown Locations
  5. Slope Steepness
  6. Measuring Slope Steepness
  7. Slope Aspect
  8. Route Planning
  9. Reading Terrain I
  10. Reading Terrain II
  11. Reading Terrain III
  12. Heuristic Traps
  13. Conclusions
Avalanche Avoidance

This presentation presents another aspect to not getting killed or injured by avalanches – not getting caught in one in the first place.


Thanks to Avalanche.org for their picture archive. The forum Telemarktips provided inspiration and useful comments on some of the photos shown. Frank Baumann, a geological engineer in British Columbia for the use of his photograph and many useful comments.

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