Tour of the Grand Serre

2141 meters (7025 feet)


Type: Loop
Sports: Ski-Touring
Lowest Point: 1400 meters (4593 feet)
Vertical Climbed: 1450 meters (4757 feet)
Duration: 1 day(s)

Created on: 22-Feb-2016 by davidof
Aspect: North
Difficulty: 3.1/E2
Equipment: Ski crampons Remarks: This is the route of the Rallye des Crêtes du Grand Serre skimo race. The route is marked by the ski resort.


From the ski resort of l'alpe du Grand Serre (la Bache) follow a trail to les Desserts behind the Grizzli buildings. Continue on the Blanche ski run then take a right on the "chemin de Sibitis) path. Follow this to the edge of the forest before climbing a bowl to the left to the ridge of the Grand Serre. Descend 150m to a large col without removing skins then to the summit of the Grand Serre. From the summit remove skins and start descending the west face, skiing to the south (!) to the Cabane des Cloutons. Ski under the bottom of the lift and traverse to a plateau called the Côte Rotte or further to the Croix de Gouret. From here fix skins and climb the south-west ridge of the Perollier to the summit.

At the summit of the Pérollier (2183 m) start descending the east ridge and the second the slope allows turn south-east passing the top of the Pâtres drag then the top of the Chinarde drag. Continue down to the Bergeries to a spot called the "Sommet du Mathieu" (Alt 1735m). Climb to the Crete du Grand Serre by the south face (1947m). Follow the north ridge from the summit towards an antenna, continue north to reach the ski runs of the l'alpe du Grand Serre.

Road Access

Grenoble -> Sechilienne -> l'Alpe du Grand Serre


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