Ski Touring: Col du Baure or nearly

Sun, 15 January 2017


Distance: 10.3 km

Slope Aspect: South-East

Trip Reports

Vertical Climbed: 710 meters (2,330 feet)

Avalanche Risk: 3

Snowline: 260


Given the 40 cm of snow that fell in town it was a chance to tour to the Manival valley directly from the front door. There were already a lot of tracks from snow shoers from this AM. I had feared the snow would be crusty but it was ok in the afternoon and in the shade. Heavy powder.
The track to the Manival was almost like a ski piste, a bit narrow to slalom on but well packed by the hoards of snowshoers.

Weather: Sunny, cold -1C

Country: France Area: Chartreuse Trailhead: Manival


image 1