Ski Touring: Combe de Giclard - 1,768 m. (5,801 ft)

Mon, 25 March 2013


Minimum altitude: 959 meters

Slope Aspect: North

Trip Reports

Vertical Climbed: 1,180 meters (3,872 feet)

Rating: 3.1

Avalanche Risk: -


Climb to the summit of the Pravouta (see topo Pravouta SE Face) without removing skins traverse to the summit of the Roc d'Arguille (1768m). Continue along the ridge in a NNW direction for 250 meters until the cliffs transform into a large, open slope angled at around 35°. Descend this slope to pt 1624m and pass under the cliffs in a gorge in a NW direction. After about 100 meters turn N to follow the Giclard valley to Perquelin (959m). The lower part of the valley has a lot of tree growth and is not very skiable. From le Perquelin climb the forest track to the Col des Ayes. This will take 1 to 2 hours. The slopes under the Roc d'Arguille and Pravouta are avalanche prone. Do not leave the trail. There is often a corniche at the Col des Ayes (1538m) which can be difficult to climb. Leave a good distance between skiers on the climb. From the Col ski back to the trailhead or combine with a Dent des Crolles, Pravouta or Bec Charvet.

Can also be taken starting from Perquelin or from St Hughes de Chartreuse via the Ocèpé Forest

Comments on route: Excellent route for days when there is a serious amount of snow but don't neglect the avalanche risk on the climb to the Col des Ayes or at the entrance to the Combe de Giclard. The area between the summit of Pravouta and the descent to the Roc d'Arguille is a wintering ground for Rock Ptarmigans. Stick to the existing tracks and observe any closures.

Access: Grenoble > St Nazaire les Eymes > St Pancrasse du Touvet > left after the tunnel > Col du Coq. Parking at 1220 meters or higher in the spring.

Country: France Area: Chartreuse Trailhead: Col Du Coq


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