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Dynafit skis for 2009/10
Posted: 13 December 2009 01:59 PM  
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We’ve updated the gear wiki to add or update the following Dynafit skis

DNA Race - Dynafit’s return to its roots in ski racing

Nanga parbat - gnarly couloir and steep ski for advanced and expert skiers

Seven Summits - original pure ski touring ski

Haute Route Plus - womens version of the Seven Summit

Seven Summits Superlight - as it says on the tin: a lighter version of the original Seven Summits

Mustagh Ata Superlight - a ligher version of the Mustagh Ata freerando ski

Manaslu - superlight fat with freeride dimensions

Note that we’ve not subtitled all the videos yet.

As ever feel free to add your questions, comments and corrections either here or in the Wiki.

During our interviews with Dynafit they told us they had increased sales 60% last year in France which is why there was a lack of stock in shops towards the end of the season, particuarly for boots and bindings.

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