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TR: Rocher Blanc, tour via the Buyant Ridge (24 May 2012)
Posted: 24 May 2012 11:17 PM  
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I’ve been very busy over the last couple of weeks so not much chance to get out. However today I was up with the crack to drive to the Col de la Croix de Fer for a tour to the Rocher Blanc - at 2928 m the highest summit you can ski from in the Belledonne range. Well ok you can ski from the Grand Pic de Belledonne, or at least a couple of people have done it.

I set off from the car at 7h20, it was already warm. Just in front was Sylvain and following up behind Benoit and Bruno on a snowboard. The snow was soggier than Charlize Theron’s buttocks. Around 50cm had fallen on Monday and Tuesday, this had compacted down to about 15cm of soft snow on the harder neve base.

Arriving at the summit at 10am another lumiere of the skitour website, David Lavie was just heading down. Sylvain and Benoit arrived at the summit and I agreed with Benoit to ski down the north side and then return by a south facing slope under the Rochers du Buyant close to the col of the same name.

P1030327.JPG height=601 width=800

P1030325.JPG height=601 width=800

P1030321.JPG height=602 width=800
Crete du Buyant

P1030308.JPG height=255 width=800
la Chartreuse

P1030324.JPG height=495 width=800
Sylvain in the soft snow

P1030311.JPG height=405 width=800
Still plenty of snow towards the Belle Etoile

P1030316.JPG height=440 width=800
Combe Madame

P1030315.JPG height=599 width=800

P1030318.JPG height=248 width=800
Lots of snow on the Etendard

P1030309.JPG height=600 width=800
And plenty on the North Belledonne too

montee-au-col,42168-6.jpg height=486 width=648

descente-du-sommet,42168-5.jpg height=486 width=648
does my bum look big in this?

sommet,42168-2.jpg height=486 width=648
My super 15 euro ski jacket

descente-du-sommet,42168-4.jpg height=648 width=486
Turns in the soft snow

Lots of purges on nearly all steep slopes. The snow is very good. We skied to 10 minutes of the car-park which is pretty rare on the 24th of May.

Posted: 25 May 2012 02:46 AM   [ # 1 ]  
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What a great tour—wish I could be there with my skis.

Posted: 04 June 2012 09:45 AM   [ # 2 ]  
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See you in a couple of weeks with your bikes,

here is a video someone took of us skiing, the snow was very sticky by then