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Glacier Carré first snowboard descent: 4/Aug/2011
Posted: 10 August 2011 10:13 AM  
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Fredi, the guardian of the refuge Promontoire was somewhat surprised to see a couple of guys hauling snowboards last Wednesday. We’re going to do the Carré under la Meije, one of the guys told him with an accent with distinct American twang.

glacier-carre.jpg height=481 width=640

The Carré is an apron of snow, tilted at 45 degrees, that sits under la Meije in the Ecrins Massif. The only problem, to get to it you have some serious climbing. height=480 width=640 height=640 width=480

Which is probably why it has only been attempted once before, back on the 31 July 2004, this time on skis, by one Colin Samuels, an American freerider based out of la Grave. In the snowboarder was the same Colin Samuels, back for another pop, this time in the company of Michel Monvoisin. height=640 width=480 height=640 width=480

The summit of the Grand Pic reached, the pair bivouaced traversed the Arêtes next day for the descent. height=480 width=640 height=640 width=480

It has been a cool, damp summer in the Alps which means lots of snow at altitude. height=640 width=480

All that remained was to not miss the end of the glacier (you fall, you die) and abseil back down. height=640 width=480

Thanks to Colin for the photos and report.

Posted: 10 August 2011 02:12 PM   [ # 1 ]  
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A definite “because it’s there” route, though good to see someone stealing some early/late turns.