Nordic Skiing: Chamonix Night Fever - 1,062 m. (3,484 ft)

Thu, 16 January 2020


Minimum altitude: 1,039 meters

Distance: 8.6 km

Slope Aspect: South

Vertical Climbed: 86 meters (282 feet)

Vertical Descended: 86 meters


I've never tried night ski de fonding before so decided to go out on the Chamonix night skate. I can thoroughly recommend it. There were a lot of people on the 3km "loipe" so you won't feel alone. A lot of English voices  and people of all abilities from club skiers to casual cruisers. The loop isn't that long, probably 2.5km round plus the section from the Cross Country Skiing house but at night it is charming as you glide through the woods. The circuit is unlit, you'll need a chest or head lamp but there is no real danger as the sectin is flat. You can skate or cross country but they don't prepare the tracks until later so you'll have to ski on the runs used by the day skiers. You can park just next to the tracks on the road.


Mild but I was wearing my down jacket!


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