Rochers De Chalves By Grandchamp

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From point 889 meters above the village of Pomarey follow a track to the left which leads down to the Tenaison river. Cross over a bridge. From here you can follow a track to the right towards Crozet and then Grandchamp or turn left and walk about 50 to 100 meters to the south on a wide track (not marked on the map). You should see an indistinct path to the right. This zig-zags up to a quarry where there are also two man made tunnels leading into the mountain. The path follow the edge of the quarry to join Grandchamp. The path continues on the upper left side of the large field (yellow marks with the occassional J.C. letter). It climbs up through the woods to the south-west below some rock bands. There is a water source at this point. The path turns to the north, crosses a smaller field before turning west. It exits the forest at around 1600 meters before crossing a couloir then climbing directly up the mountain to reach a small plateau. Follow this to the south for a few meters before climbing up to the summit on your right. There are pot-holes in this area so be careful in poor weather.

Mountain RangeChartreuse
SummitRochers De Chalves
MapsIGN TOP 25 3334 OT Chartreuse Sud
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Markingsblue dots
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Starting Altitude890 meters
Ascent955 meters
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19th July 2007

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