Chalet De Jusson

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A small refuge equipped with a stove, cooking utensiles and a table. There is room to sleep 8 people in the loft which is well insultated as is the rest of the refuge which benefits from double glazing and a good door. There is a spring about 100 meters below the refuge but expect this to be frozen in the winter months.

chalet de Jusson

The refuge is used by a shepherd during the summer but otherwise is available for walkers. It might be worth checking with the town hall at St Julien de Raz if you intend to use it as it has been locked at times due to vandalism.

Remember to remove your rubbish.

GPS Waypoint: N 45.3354°, E 05.6957°


Super refuge with an excellent view over the Isere. There were a couple of blankets but best to bring your own sleeping bag.

Contributed by davidof on the 7 November 2006

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