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la Grande Sure south ridge

South ridge of la Grande Sure

From the Trois Fontaines car park follow the same route as for Grande Sure couloir du Jusson . At the intersection at 1004 meters with the Jusson (Pierres Droites) trail take continue to the right (south-east). The path zig-zags through the forest before opening onto a viewpoint at 1174 meters. There is a bench here and a good view of the pas de Misericorde (indicated as a "passage delicat" on the signposts).



The pas de Misericorde was blocked by rockfall in 2004. It has since been reopened but is now a bit narrower and there is a cable fixed to the cliff face. To the right is a 100 meter sheer cliff face and an open view over the valley. Be careful about stonefall on this section, particuarly in the winter as the day starts to progress.

pas de misericorde

Le Pas de Misericorde

The pas de Misericorde joins the Charminelle track at 1272 meters. Continue westwards on a wide but relatively gentle climb. A track leads off into the Combe de Veaux (Cow Gulch) at 1350 meters and the chalet de Jusson can be reached from here after about 45 minutes walk.

At 1508 meters the path exits the forest into a flat valley. There is a style and to the left of a barb wire fence you should see a path climb the south ridge of la Grande Sure. The track is very obvious and reasonably easy if somewhat steep in places. It follows the ridge line on the eastern side and there is little exposure. After a number of zig-zags the summit is found after a short climb across a grassy slope.


There is an easier trail from the col de la Sure (1675m) which approaches the summit from its north-eastern flank. This would make a choice for the descent.

Mountain RangeChartreuse
Summitla Grande Sure
Altitude1920 meters
Distance3.5km (to summit)
MapsIGN TOP 25 3334 OT Chartreuse Sud
GPS WaypointN 45.3353°, E 05.7030°
GPS RouteGoogle-Earth:Grande-Sure
Markingsorange dots on the south ridge, yellow stripes in the pas de Misericorde
Road AccessGrenoble -> A43 -> Voreppe -> D520a -> la Placette -> les Trois Fontaines
Starting Altitude760m
Time2h00 to 3h00 (climb)
RefugesRefuge d'Hurtières, Cabane de l'Heretang


The climb down from la Grande Sure is pretty straightforward, just a couple of scrambles. The views over the southern Chartreuse and beyond to Mont-Blanc and the Oisans mountains are superbe. The ridge takes about 30 minutes to climb down and it is then a good hour to the car park. Make sure you don't take the Charminelles track, the Pas de Misericorde is a single track dead ahead on a hairpin but there is no signpost.

grande sure summit cross

La Grande Sure, Cross

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