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la grande sure, chartreuse mountains

la Grande Sure from Pommiers la Placette

The start of the path is immediately after the Pont (bridge) de Grepy on the right. The path zig-zags up through the woods until exiting onto a scree slopes at xx meters. Slightly higher up at 1004 meters a path leads off to the left, it is marked with a red cross and bright orange dots. Follow this path, it leads to a spot called the les Pierres Droites (standing stones - you can see them from the valley). Keep you eyes peeled for the orange dots as the track isn't always clear. At around 1250 meters the slope flattens out and you continue climbing up through a wide, open forest. The track continues north-eastwards to 1500 meters before turning west. At 1550 meters you exit the forest onto a steep grassy slope with the Chalet de Jusson directly ahead.

grande sure jusson route

The route

From the chalet continue towards the south for a couple of hundred meters before picking up a path which climbs directly up the slope, ahead you can see the cross on the top of la Grande Sure and a wide couloir, however this isn't the one we will climb. The path is marked with the orange spots we followed earlier. The track continues to the north-west passing close to a stone post (stele) which marks the spot of an accident in 1926, you can now see the entrance to the couloir which is marked with yellow and red paint.

Couloir du Jusson, climb

A small wall in the couloir du Jusson

The couloir is about 150 meters high. The path is fairly well made, at about a third distance it tracks around to the right (south) to avoid a very steep slope. Just before the summit ridge you encounter a rock band. This has good handholds but is a real, albeit short, climb and will not appeal to the faint hearted. Although it can be free climbed you would be wise to consider putting children on a harness and rope. The path then follows a ledge to the south before exiting onto the south ridge of the Grande Sure. The cross is to the left.

couloir du Jusson

The couloir du Jusson

It is probably more straightforward to descend either by the col de la Sure, a wide path to the north side of the cross or by the south ridge. Figure on a couple of hours for the descent.

Mountain RangeChartreuse
Summitla Grande Sure
Altitude1920 meters
Distance4km (to summit)
MapsIGN TOP 25 3334 OT Chartreuse Sud
GPS WaypointN 45.3353°, E 05.7030°
GPS RouteGoogle-Earth:Grande-Sure
Markingsorange dots
Equipmentrope/harness for inexperienced walkers in the couloir
Road AccessGrenoble -> A43 -> Voreppe -> D520a -> la Placette -> les Trois Fontaines
Starting Altitude760m
Time2h30 to 3h30 (climb)
Refugeschalet de Jusson


It was a pleasantly warm early November day in the valley - short and t-shirt weather for climbing. The little track from around the Pierres Droites isn't always obvious - I endd up scrambling up a litle 3a climb through a rock band. The woods below the chalet de Jusson were decked with autumn leaves but somewhat spooky in the hazy, low afternoon sun.

grande sure

La Grande Sure, view from summit

The wind was pretty strong as I climbed out of the forest. I was glad to have packed a hat, gloves and over clothes. This slope is quite steep and care is needed if the conditions are humid, ditto for the couloir.

Contributed by davidof on the 7 November 2006

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