Ferrouillet, brêche Nord, North-West couloir

2422 meters (7947 feet)


Type: Loop
Sports: Ski-Touring
Lowest Point: 1088 meters (3570 feet)
Vertical Climbed: 1340 meters (4397 feet)
Duration: 0.5 day(s)

Created on: 15-Mar-2013 by davidof
Aspect: North
Difficulty: 4.2/E2
Equipment: Ski crampons, crampons, ice-axe Remarks: Couloir short section at 45° then 40°/200m. The traverse to the Lac de Crop, particularly under a small couloir, is exposed. If you have any doubts about the snow stability in the Scia bowl return via the climb route.



From Prabert climb the road to the Pont de la Betta turn at around 1300 meters. Descend a short distance to the Pont de la Betta then take a steep forest trail to the left (SE). Continue to the Pont des Pendules (hanging men bridge) at 1400 meters. Climb a steeping valley which is partially blocked with brushwood (better later in the season). At 1700m join the GR trail which climbs to the lac du Crop. At the lac du Crop traverse NE to the foot of the couloir. It is possible to climb the final 20 meters on foot to the Brêche Nord

At the foot of the couloir traverse north-east under the Scia into a large bowl. Descend north to pick up an avalanche couloir to rejoin the trail around 1400m. Here turn SW (left) for 100m then right (NW) to rejoin the Pont de la Betta.

Road Access

Grenoble -> Brignoud Exit -> Laval -> Prabert. Road is closed at 1088 meters just after Prabert from 20/12 to 15/3. Afterwards you can park at the Pont de la Betta crossroads.


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