Ski-Touring: Dent de midi

2014-02-27 by davidof


Participants: Mike
Route Taken: Skied ruined barn field at the end
Road Access Cleared, plowed

Vertical Climbed: 870 meters (2854 feet)
Weather Overcast, strong SE wind, cold


A rapid lunchtime ski tour. The nice weather of the morning had turned to overcast, cold and windy. The avalanche bulletin had said the risk would evolve from 4 to 3 in the course of the morning - presumably the fresh snow would purge on the steep, south facing slopes. With the early arrival of the bad weather it was much colder than expected so we decided to change our destination to the south face of the Dent de Crolles. We climbed to the summit completely by skis - I hadn't taken my ski crampons as I hadn't intended to do this route.

The Pas de l'Oeille was windblown powder, a bit uneven underfoot at the top. The prairie was very close to perfect powder, a good solid base and very dynamic to ski. At 1400 the powder became a bit crusty, probably the influence of the morning sun then refreeze with the overcast weather. The road was very quick to ski, we detoured via Ruined Barn field which was also a bit crusty but it is good training for better days to come.



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