Ski-Touring: Dent de Crolles express

2013-04-04 by davidof

Snow and Avalanche

Time Location Altitude Aspect Fresh/Total Type Skiability Stability
15:35:00 Pas de l'Oeille 2050 South-West 20/400 Mank 4 Old 20cm slabs from Saturday's snow on right bank
15:45:00 SW Face 1700 South-West 0/200 Corn 4 Old purge on slope

Avalanche Observations

Altitude Aspect Size Type
1600 North-East Small Wet Snow
1650 South-West Small Wet Snow

Snowline Up/Down: 1230 meters (4036 feet)
Avalanche Risk: 2


Route Taken: as topo
Road Access Clear

Vertical Climbed: 840 meters (2756 feet)
Weather Sun covered by cloud, light wind at summit.


A rapid visit to the Dent de Crolles. You can still ski from the car park at 1220 but there is a new barrier (closed) at this point so we'll have to see when the road to the col is cleared this year. Last year they let the snow melt naturally. I was a bit doubtful. The avalanche bulletin warned the snow would not transform all day due to poor weather moving in from the south but by 12am the sun had begun to shine weakly. Left the car at 2pm, spring snow on the road and SW face. Summit at 3.25pm. Climbed the Pas using crampons (as usual).



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