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The ski resort of Gérardmer is situated in the Vosges department in the Vosges region. The lift served area extends from 670 metres to 1150 metres. There are 40 km of lift served runs. There are 100 km of cross country trails. When we visited in February 2003 there were a couple of chair lifts and numerous drags and the slopes were in nearly all in good condition, apart from le Mur du Chevreuil, with le Cerf offering a challenging Mogul slope leading back down to resort. Even at the summit, the Tête de Grouvelin, you do not really feel that you are particuarly high.


The resort had a poorly maintained half pipe and the greatest concentration of beginner skiers in the most unfashionable ski outfits we have ever seen in one place. Here my 4 year old Dynastar 4x4 skis had a liftie rushing out of his hut to take a look: "cool skis, dude", he commented, without a hint of irony. Still with the lift pass costing 19 € and an hour’s individual ski lesson with the ESF for 28 € what better place to learn?

A pleasant little station, but worth getting there for the 8h30 opening and skiing just the morning during warm weather. The terrain and many drag lifts make it an ideal resort in bad weather. The cross country skiing and Nordic ski possibilities were extensive and snow shoeing itineraries are also proposed by the resort. However the alpine and cross country pistes are around 2 km apart which is inconvenient for mixed groups. The resort claims the longest piste in the Vosges, the 4km Chevreuils, although due to lack of snow the lower section was only open at the end of the day to permit skiers to return to the carpark. There is a free bus service (navette) from town to the slopes. The resort has a large floodlit nightskiing area, a separate liftpass is needed.


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Off Piste Routes

The off-piste is strictly limited. The resort is built on two thickly forested hills, the spacing between the trees does not really permit skiing of the tracks. After the Grouvelin drag lift derailed (lots of skiers were going out of tracks causing problems) I tried the slopes down to the Auberge de Grouvelin where there were some clearings in the trees but that seemed to be it.


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A Little Something for the Weekend?

We left Paris later than we’d intended and headed out easy along the Voie George Pompidou, a little bit of urban freeway that follows the right bank of the Seine. Traffic was heavy but at least it was moving, cutting across the city is always a better bet to the notorious pèriph.

We then ran into our first difficulty of the evening, we wanted to take the N4, a single lane route national that leads directly to the Vosges. But this is France with its unlit, blink and you’ll miss them, signposting so we ended up taking the ‘official’ route vie Reims, a long detour to the North. We finally arrived at the Hotel le Bains in Gérardmer sometime after midnight. Luckily the owner had given us the entry code.

The hotel is a bit like the building from the Nicole Kidman movie ‘The Others’. Faintly glowing lamps illuminate the corridors and rooms, shadows lurk in every corner, the effect is enhanced by the dark, wood panelled walls. Getting out of bed the next day was hard, but it was a ski day so we made the effort. The owner’s wife served us breakfast, an attractive woman in her thirties, she still had a good figure despite being heavily pregnant.

Restaurants and Bars

There is no shortage of good restaurants and other shops in Gérardmer for the evening and it makes a good base for exploring the other nearby resorts.


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Guides and Instructors

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Useful Information


email: info@gerardmer.net

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