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This is a collection of route guides for backcountry skiing and snowboarding in France and beyond. Please note that some routes may not be suitable for snowboarding due to long traverses. Please check the detail of the route before setting out. Check our Snow Avalanche Conditions before undertaking any of these routes.


Formerly, Bivouak features over 1000 ski trips in France and now includes information on mountain biking and hiking and paragliding.

Camp to Camp

Set up by some Lucerne University students there are literally thousands of routes plus active discussion forums covering the current snow conditions.

Meta SkiRando

This search engine will track all the major French websites for the latest trip reports.

A fantastic piece of work by Nat Schaeffer.


The site of the redoubtable Voldia volo Shahshahani who has written some of the best ski touring guides for the French Alps.

Ski Guides

A very complete list of "topo" guidebooks for skiing.

Doug Evans Ski Guide Booklist


This site has many ideas for ski tours in the Rhone-Alpes area


A site dedicated to ski touring in France. Nice descriptions, photos and videos!

Refuge Info

Excellent information on refuges in the French Alps. Maintained by users, very useful for planning longer tours.

French Alpine Club Refuges

The French Alpine Club (CAF) has a large network of refuges.

Des Pentes Raides ski extrême

A group of friends recount their winter of 1981 spent extreme skiing. Many routes in the French Alps, an essential resource.


On-line magazine with information on routes and destinations in France and beyond.

Pyrénées Passion

An interesting French site with description of ski tours in the Pyrénées including routes that are possible until the end of July (in good snow years)

Erste Spur

German "first tracks" snowboard web community that covers snowboard touring


OnSnow is public interest website focused on skiing, snowboarding, sledging and more snow fun, which I thought may be of interest to your visitors.

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