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From the Pic du Lac Blanc (Pic Blanc) traverse under the Pic de la Pyramide to the col of the same name (point 3351 meters on the IGN map). Start off down the Pyramide west face and almost immediately traverse across a small shoulder to the north (attention cliffs to the left). An alternative is to ski from point 3386 meters but the ridge is rocky and may not be in condition. This opens out onto the Glacier des Rousses. Either ski down the left hand side to the WNW or traverse north and ski down the west slopes under the Pic Bayle.


This is a high-mountain route is on glaciated terrain. There are some crevasses and seracs.

GPS: N 45.1349° E 06.1312°, 3351 meters
Orientation: NW
Toponeige Rating: Danger: 2, Climb: PD, Ski: 4.1
short passages at 45°, 34° over 300m (IGN map)
Climbing: 1975 meters (from la Villette - les Sagnes via the Col du Couard)

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