Trab Free One

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Trabb skis are very popular with the people PisteHors skis with in Europe and not without reason. The Free One is lightweight, around 2600 grammes for a pair (5 lbs 10 oz) in 171cm lengths but its torsion box construction using Quadraxial Carbon Reinforced Glass produces exceptional torsional rigidity while remaining longitudinally soft, delivering a responsive ride with great float. Well that's what Trabb's US marketing guy told us anyway.

The ski has enough surface area, including an extra wide tip, to float in most conditions but, considering the soft flex is stable at speeds. The torsionally rigidity and extra hard 52 HRC steel edges grip on icy and steep slopes. It has a 25 meter turn radius but likes shorter radius turns as well. The carbon fiber mounting plate provids a solid base for bindings.

  • Lengths: 157-164-171-178-185cm
  • Manufacturer: Trabb?

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