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Scarpa bill the Spirit as the replacement for the popular Laser boot. While this may make sense from a product line-up skiers will immediately notice the lack of inserts for Dynafit bindings and no thermo-boot option. It seems like the Spirit is aimed at the boot hire market. Continuing the trned it weighs around 4200 grammes in size 27 with its Cordura® inner boot.

Scarpa Spirit Ski Touring boot

Apart from that the boot is very similar to the Scarpa Spirit 3. It has a dual injection moulded “exoskeleton” shell which gives rigidity for downhill skiing while providing enough flex for comfortable walking. There is the Scarpa Skywalk® sole which we have liked using this winter. The shell comes with canting and forward lean adjustments and has the standard “Walk” tongue which we found plenty stiff enough for ski touring. If you are happy using bindings other than Dynafit and a lot of people are and don’t mind some extra weight when climbing this could be the boot for you.

Scarpa Spirit Ski Touring boot sole

The Spirit shells have slightly less volume than the Matrix but fit a medium to wide foot. We suggest going for a boot the same size as your street shoe size, the inner boot should be a good fit but your toes should not be constricted. As with all ski boots see a specialist boot fitter with a good range.

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