Rossignol Scratch FS

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The Scratch FS was designed by Rossi's team riders. It has softer tips and tail flex coupled with a stiffer mid-section providing spring up on a rail or hop up on top of a half pipe. However the stiffer ski is less accessible to novice riders. The ski is comfortable making big turns but requires a certain amount of strength and skill to get the best from it.

rossignol scratch fs

The Scratch FS is well balanced and Rossi suggests two mounting points; backwards for all-mountain skiing and the forward for for jibbing and big air. The ski features sidewalls angled at a 30° to improve swing weight, reduce the overall weight of the ski and enhance edging and the ROSSITOP cap strengthens the top of the ski. The THC Hybrid core is made from Isocore for lightweight and liveliness, wood for quick response and microcell to absorb shocks and vibrations.

  • Sizes: 167-174-181cm
  • Manufacturer: Rossignol

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