Ortovox D3

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Ortovox d3

Ortovox has a second weapon for 2006, the d3 and we wondered if this was a plan-B in case there are other delays with the Ortovox S1. The d3 is a more traditional looking Ortovox beacon, very similar to the Ortovox X1 (Patroller for the French market) however it has three antennas. The d3 stands for digital 3-antenna technology. Unlike the X1 the d3 is a totally digital device and has a display indicator to show if there are multiple victims within the receive range. As with the S1 the third antenna gives greater precision when pinpointing victims. The display and operation are very straightforward. Distance is given by two LEDs and the direction to be followed shown by three arrows. The d3 seemed to be pretty fast thanks to a powerful processor but it competes with the X1 which remains in Ortovox’s armoury and the Tracker DTS and Arva Evolution+.

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