Fritschi Diamir Freeride Plus

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Fritschi Diamir freeride plus binding
Fritschi Diamir freeride binding

The Fritschi Diamir Freeride Plus is new for the 2006 - 2007 winter season. It aims to provide "alpine" binding like performance in a ski touring binding. The principal change is the Power Transmission Control (PTC) system and a redesigned front hinge. The aim is on lateral stability giving better control especially to the ski's edges. The PTC plate stops the link rail from moving laterally while still enabling it to move fore-and-aft when the ski flexes. This is aided by a sprung end piece. The ski boot itself remains fixed by the bar linking heel and toe piece. The binding has heel and toe release in the case of falls.

Diamir freeride plus PTC end
PTC Sprung End Cap

The binding can be mounted to skis wider than 67mm and ski brakes are available in 78mm, 86mm and 100mm widths for the largest fat skis. The boot is located 39mm above the ski which aids with edging on steep slopes and carving. The binding is available in small, medium and large lengths and weighs 2040g including 86mm brakes. DIN release can be set from DIN 4 to 12.

Fritschi Diamir freeride plus PTC
PTC Heel Plate
  • Manufacturer: Fritschi
  • Weight: 2050g including ski brakes

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